Agro Boat Driver, Orcas, and a Trip to the Gas Station

You’ve gotta take advantage of weekends like this when you can this time of year – unless you prefer your sailing with 40 knots of wind, rain, and 6 foot seas.  This weekend was great, if not brisk, it was sunny and there was good wind.

We took Island Time out this weekend.  Saturday, it was to Blake Island, and Sunday we headed over to Elliott Bay Marina to top off the diesel tank and just sail around.

Heading out of Eagle Harbor.

On our way South to Blake Island, we saw several orcas heading in a northeasterly direction.  There must have been about ten of them, but please don’t quote me on that.

Two orcas in the center of the photo.

We were planning on docking in the Blake Island marina temporarily, just to check it out, as we have only moored off the island before and have not been inside the marina.  As we approached the entrance channel of the island, a larger boat with full sail up (and I suspect his motor too) saw us making our way to get inside the marina (we were broad reaching under genoa).  This guy was driving his boat like someone would in a crowded holiday superstore parking lot trying to claim a coveted last parking spot.  Whatever.  Taking the high ground, I decided to bear off and let him be the first in, as he showed no intentions of slowing down, and full intentions of cutting us off.  Blake Island marina is first come, first serve, and it is also small and has little room to maneuver.  We followed him into the marina and tied up at the 30 minute temporary dock.

Island Time tied up.
Deer grazing on the grass (or goose shite?).
Island Time, far left.

The grass on Blake Island has an amazing amount of goose shite covering it, and you best be prepared to wash your boots off before stepping back aboard your boat, lest you want your boat covered in it too.

It was blowing pretty good in the marina.  We untied the docklines and were essentially pinned to the dock by the wind.  Throwing it into reverse at about 1,500 rpm barely even budged the boat.  We made fast a stern line and backed on it to help get us off the dock.  Once off the dock, the hard part was bringing the bow through the wind, as we don’t have bow thrusters like that big boat that cut us off did.  It wasn’t pretty, but we made it out unscathed.

Heading back to Eagle Harbor was a mix of bashing into the wind and waves, while trying our best to avoid all the floating logs and even whole trees set loose by the recent rains, winds, and flooding.  We literally saw a whole tree, about 75-ft long, with all its green branches and entire root ball floating down the middle of the sound.

Safely back at Eagle Harbor, we rinsed all the salt water and goose shite off the boat, and then enjoyed some hot apple cider and whiskey, then we were off to some friends house for dinner.

Sunday’s sail was a little colder, and with slightly less wind.  It’s usually a nice close/beam reach to Elliott Bay marina, and today was no different.  Clear skies offered excellent views all around.

Cruising along under genoa at about 6 knots.
Island Time does well under genoa alone.  A lot of times we don’t even bother hoisting the main.

After topping off the diesel tank, we made our way back to Eagle Harbor, cooking some lunch and hot tea along the way.

-over and out-

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