Thanksgiving 2015 – The Stores Were Closed on Blake Island, so no Black Friday Shopping for us

We had two sailing buds with their seven month old from Portland come up and enjoy Thanksgiving with us.  The plan was to head to Blake Island for Thanksgiving and spend the night – with a couple of bail out options in case the weather was bad.  Luckily, we couldn’t have asked for better weather.

Our friends arrived to Bainbridge Island the night before Thanksgiving to get settled in.  It was a cold frosty night, but we kept it toasty inside the boat.  Baked some macaroons, walked to the Public House, and enjoyed some beverages.  The moon was super bright.

The next morning, Thanksgiving, we had a french toast breakfast, and shoved off.  Frost, sunshine, brisk air, and about 10 knots out on the sound.  Awesome.  A few days earlier I was taking the ferry home in 40 knot winds and big seas.  The clear calm cold front was a welcome sight.



We made it from our home base of Eagle Harbor downwind to Blake Island in short order, cruising along at about 6.5 knots under genoa.  We debated sailing around Blake Island first, but decided to just head into the marina to improve our chances of getting a spot.


Luckily, there was a spot available, so we pulled up to a port tie and settled in.  Refreshed with snacks, and drinks in hand, we went for a walk.






Later, it was dinner.  Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, sprouts, and pumpkin pie…all the prerequisites…


We stayed up , drinking spirits and playing card games.  The next morning was just as great as the first.  Champagne breakfast and shove off!  A northerly was pushing us up against the dock, so we sprung off the dock with a stern tie, which brought the bow through the wind.

We decided to round Blake Island clockwise before heading back North to Bainbridge.  We saw some whale spouts on the way South, but didn’t see any whales.  There was about a 12-15 knot Northerly and we beat back to Bainbridge under single reefed genoa and full main.  Glorious!



Although it has been cold out the past few days, it has been sunny and dry, and cozy inside the boat.  I’m thankful for the great weather, the great friends and the opportunity to have their seven month old’s first Thanksgiving be on a boat, great sailing, and to not be driving around shopping!

-over and out-

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