The weather – I check it several times daily, even more when sailing or planning on it.  Mostly for day sailing, not long distance passage making or anything.  I commute by ferry, so I get a good chance to compare forecast versus actual almost daily crossing the sound. My two usual go-to sites are Weather […]

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Newport OR to Crescent City CA

We recently helped our friends for a leg of their extended open-ended retirement voyage on their Passport 40.  They started in Port Townsend, with the goal of their first leg being San Francisco.  This was the first week of September, and there was abnormally disturbed weather along the coast, so their trip was broken into […]

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Thanksgiving 2015 – The Stores Were Closed on Blake Island, so no Black Friday Shopping for us

We had two sailing buds with their seven month old from Portland come up and enjoy Thanksgiving with us.  The plan was to head to Blake Island for Thanksgiving and spend the night – with a couple of bail out options in case the weather was bad.  Luckily, we couldn’t have asked for better weather. […]

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The Soft Shackle

My very first soft shackle lesson was at the 2015 Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival. Brion Toss was having an impromptu lesson on how to make a soft shackle. There are a few different versions of soft shackles that you can make. Do an internet search and you will find them. The shackle demonstrated here […]

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Service Your Winches!

Yes, another blog post about winch servicing.  I don’t claim to be an expert, this is only my story… What do I care about my winches? Your winches are unsung heroes, performing their grunt work thanklessly.  But, imagine what would happen if a pawl were to give way under a heavily loaded genoa in 25 […]

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